Maintain Your Car in Grand Rapids, MI

Take advantage of our protective ceramic coating services

Improve your car's paint job when you turn to the pros at The Detailing Shine Shop. We provide protective coating services to car owners in Grand Rapids, MI. A protective ceramic coating can last five years or longer based on your coating of choice. Protect your car and have easier maintenance. You'll save time and money while enjoying a sleek-looking vehicle.

Don't wait to protect your car from the elements- reach out to us to make an appointment.

Leave the ceramic coating to us

Leave the ceramic coating to us

At The Detailing Shine Shop, we take the protection of your car seriously. This is one of the reasons why we're one of the leading detailing shops in Grand Rapids, MI. With 15 years of experience on our side, we'll make sure your ceramic coating is applied properly with a flawless finish. We are certified and use professional grade product.

A protective ceramic coating will keep your vehicle's paint safe from...

  • Dust
  • Rust
  • Tree sap
  • Mineral deposits
  • Temperature cycles
  • Micro marring
  • Chemicals
  • Brake dust
  • UV and sunshine
  • Road grit
  • Salt and Tar
  • Insect acids
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