A Fresh Look for Your Ride

Ask about our car exterior detailing services in Grand Rapids, MI.

Drive around with confidence in Grand Rapids, MI. The Detailing Shine Shop offers semi, boat and car exterior detailing. We also provide interior detailing and leather treatments so that every inch of your vehicle looks breathtaking.

Backed by 15 years of experience, we'll refresh your car and restore it to look like it just came off the showroom floor. Call 616-890-3726 to schedule an appointment.

Drive off in style

Drive off in style

When you want to spruce up your vehicle, head over to The Detailing Shine Shop in Grand Rapids, MI. Our car exterior detailing services include...

  • Iron and decontamination washes
  • Paint correction services
  • Car buffing services
  • Six-month sealant application
  • Ceramic coating application
Detailing services come with much more! Our team will shampoo and extract dirt, fog out the vents and clean the door jambs. Leather treatments are included as well.

Drop off your car at the shop today.

Making your car stand out

Making your car stand out

There are many ways to customize your ride. One excellent option is decal printing. The Detailing Shine Shop in Grand Rapids, MI offers vehicle graphic design services. We can enhance your ride with:

  • Custom decals or designs that match your style
  • Designs featuring team logos, characters and more
  • Your business logo to promote your business while you're going from one job to the next

If you want to add your business logo to your work vehicle, we'll make sure it looks great. Our vehicle graphic design professional can create a new, custom logo for you or clean up your existing logo for a higher resolution. Reach out to us now for decal printing services. We can do anything from adding your business hours and website to your car to creating a complex, artistic design.